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Blogger fail October 19, 2011

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I remember August 26th. Also known as the last time I blogged. WHAT? It’s a good thing I am not being paid to update because I would been rolling pennies for gas I’d be so broke (thanks Jeff Foxworthy for that phrase which I just stole).

Yes there is a still a wedding and yes I am still preparing for it. Let me tell you about a new obsession: Pinterest. If you are not on it already either, A. stay away lest your life become a black hole of pointless behavior or B. join it and make lots of amazing stuff that people inspire you to do. I have gotten a few ideas off there for the wedding but most stuff I had already planned for.

It’s almost time to send out the invitations and I’m so excited to do that. It seems so much more real that way! Only a little over 2 months until I see Clarence. I’m praying it passes quickly because long distance is very tough. I’m so thankful to have such a sweet, amazing fiance to go through this time with. He’s so thoughtful and caring. But back off ladies, he’s mine :)

Here are some exciting things that have happened lately:

  • we’ve ordered our rings
  • plane tickets are booked
  • my dress is in the alteration process
  • all the DIY decorations are well under way
  • honeymoon cabin reserved
  • we completed pre-marital counseling thanks to the wonders of Skype

Still plenty to do, but most is done. How am I doing on budget? Well, we are a bit over our 5k budget but there is also a number of items I’m selling afterwards so I hope to break even or even better. If only photographers weren’t so expensive! That is pretty much half my budget. Here is a glimpse of a night of crafting that took place. Any idea what I’ll do with them?


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Evan Says:

Was the craft projects those stacks of papers in the background?

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