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My first slipcover! June 14, 2011

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So there is tons to update you on, but until things are more firm, it’s gonna have to wait. In the meantime….let me share the slipcover I just finished!

Months ago I came across an amazing site. A lady who makes slipcovers so beautiful that it looks like she reupholstered the pieces. Then I found out that she actually sells a DVD walking you through the process of slipcovering. So though I hadn’t sewn a single thing since 8th grade home-economics, I decided to be ambitious and try to make one myself. Yes, I am VERY ambitious, haha.

Turns out my mom still had her sewing machine and after checking, it worked perfectly. That was a step in the right direction. Then I found a $30 chair on Craigslist. Here is what the faded, flowerly, scary fabric looked like before:

I saw some fabric used on the site above that I knew I just HAD TO have. So after finding a good deal on it, I bit the bullet and bought about 9 yards of it. And it’s a good thing I did because I literally only had scraps left over.

The first part of it was good and though I wasn’t sure what to do in some instances, I winged it and tried to just figure it out. There was one point where I just had to take a break from it for awhile or else I would end up throwing my mom’s machine across the room. But then I committed myself and finished it within a few days.

It’s DEFINITELY not perfect but I’m proud of my first slipcover. I won’t point out all the mistakes but there definitely are some. Still, I’m proud. Not sure I will do another one anytime soon, but I encourage all of you to try! Here’s the completed chair!


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Gina Says:

You did a great job for your first slipcover. I love Shellys Slipcovers DVD. It is a good DVD for a person wanting to attempt slipcover making. You should be proud.

emily Says:

That looks so good! I’m really impressed.

Lindsey@BetterAfter Says:

First time?! I’m super impressed! I still haven’t been brave enough to tackle a slipcover project yet. Love the fabric too!

Erin Says:

Dang, Rachel! So beautiful! I love it!!!

Keri Says:

Wow, I am impressed. It looks amazing. And I love that fabric.

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